The Library Returns… (SVN 522/523)

A little late on the updates, but a big update to ARLO last week (8 Jan 2015).


As hinted to in the previous update, the Library is back, with a new function. A horribly-simple graphic is here:

The Library is now intended as a container to hold a collection of MediaFiles and their associated Metadata. By default, a single Library has been created for each user and all of their existing MediaFiles placed in here.

This hierarchy change brings us a step closer to a better sharing system (

MediaFile User MetaData

We now have a basic interface for adding custom MetaData to files. Some of the search functions in the interface even search this data. Very basic now, but with the basic structure in place functionality can continue to evolve.

With the addition of this custom UserMetaData, most of the prior “General” Metadata has been removed (and migrated to the User MetaData where entries existed). Most of these prior entries (species, microphone, sunrise/sunset, etc.) were only applicable to a very limited set of Projects, and fit much better being custom MetaData – hence, the MediaFile MetaData interface is much cleaner now.


— TonyB

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