ARLO Changes – SVN 390

The main change here is with the SupervisedTagDiscovery minimumMatchQuality parameter. Rather than setting this per TagClass with the Adjust function in the Catalog, this is now set for each individual job in the SupervisedTagDiscovery form.

New Changes in ARLO:

  • Supervised Tag Discovery:
    • Remove unused parameters from SupervisedTagDiscovery.
      • pitchEnergyWeight
      • numRandomProbes
      • outOfCore
      • focusMediaFileID
    • Properly Save Job Name (previously always named ‘Supervised Tag Discovery Parent’).
    • When submitting a SupervisedTagDiscovery, instead of redirecting to the catalog, redirect to the manageJobs page.
  • Jobs
    • Fix “Hide Completed Tasks” option on manageJobs.
    • Hide ‘Complete’ Status on Parent Job in manageJobs to avoid confusion.
    • Add Priority to Jobs.
  • If LoadAudio in visualizeProjectFile wasn’t select when the page is first loaded, the AudioPlayer fails to get setup on subsequent updates via the Ajax. The errors would also cause problems loading other parts of the page.
  • Add UnsupervisedTagDiscovery to QueueRunner.
  • Performance Update for enable/disable all files.

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