ARLO Changes – SVN 376/377

Just pushed these following changes to ARLO:

  • The Logout link was moved to the top-right of the screen, to avoid accidental clicking when selecting projects.
  • The “Back” link was removed from the header (this was broken on many pages, and not really necessary).
  • Fixed Disable All / Enable All links on projectLibraryFiles page
  • The Delete link on the MediaFiles page now prompts for confirmation
  • Remove the Cassandra update ‘helper text’ from the project (the yellow ‘hint’ boxes that contained information on items that had changed).
  • When selecting “Delete Machine Tags” on the projectLibrary page, all TagClasses are now selected by default.
  • When opening the Catalog page, all Libraries, TagSets, and TagClasses are now selected by default.
  • The ManageJobs page now shows Project / Library Info and links for QueueRunner jobs.
  • SupervisedTagDiscovery – When creating ‘child’ tasks, multiple files are now assigned to each child to minimize overhead in processing (so there is no longer a one-to-one correspondence with the number of files in the library and the number of child tasks).
  • On the ManageJobs page, the newest Tasks are now at the top, rather than at the bottom.

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