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Upgrades and Nester Interface Source Now Publicly Available

Today’s deploy upgrades several of the Frameworks and Libraries used in the web interface.

  • Django upgraded to 1.8
  • JQuery upgraded to 1.11
  • Several other third-party updates

There should be little difference in functionality, but this puts us on up-to-date versions to ease further development, as well as improve stability and security.

In addition, the source repo for the ‘Nester’ web interface has been cleaned up and sanitized of any proprietary data and has been published on Bitbucket.

(Git 0ae67b6 / SVN Revision 553)


Time for Spring Cleaning – Hide Your TagSets (SVN 533/534)

The major new feature of this update is the ability hide your TagSets from the Interface. With some Projects well over 100 TagSets, this will simplify navigation.

Also, The Visualize Project File page now has a space that shows MetaData for the MediaFile, if applicable.

Also, lots of backend / infrastructure updates, but who cares about those… Hidden TagSets!!!

The Library Returns… (SVN 522/523)

A little late on the updates, but a big update to ARLO last week (8 Jan 2015).


As hinted to in the previous update, the Library is back, with a new function. A horribly-simple graphic is here:

The Library is now intended as a container to hold a collection of MediaFiles and their associated Metadata. By default, a single Library has been created for each user and all of their existing MediaFiles placed in here.

This hierarchy change brings us a step closer to a better sharing system (

MediaFile User MetaData

We now have a basic interface for adding custom MetaData to files. Some of the search functions in the interface even search this data. Very basic now, but with the basic structure in place functionality can continue to evolve.

With the addition of this custom UserMetaData, most of the prior “General” Metadata has been removed (and migrated to the User MetaData where entries existed). Most of these prior entries (species, microphone, sunrise/sunset, etc.) were only applicable to a very limited set of Projects, and fit much better being custom MetaData – hence, the MediaFile MetaData interface is much cleaner now.


— TonyB

Project / Library Hierarchy Changes – SVN 504 and 505

Understanding the Project / Library hierarchy has been a major source of pain and confusion, for users and developers alike. It also leads to a lot of extra clicking in the interface. Today we drastically simplify this.

The existing concept of the Project didn’t gain us much, it only contained Libraries (planned functionality based on the Projects never came to fruition). So, why not drop the Project from the hierarchy? It serves no useful purpose really, and just adds complexity.

We’re left with the “Library” – but does this really describe this collection of files and Tags? Instead, we’ve renamed the existing Libraries to Projects.

The interface is almost exactly the same, with the exception that there is one less page to click-through to find your Libraries (er, now Projects).

So we no longer have a Library… for now.

— TonyB

Upcoming ARLO Downtime

We’ve just been informed of a data center maintenance that will affect ARLO for a couple days. I’m planning on shutting ARLO down around 4 PM CST on 22 Nov 2013, and it will probably not be back online until 24 Nov. Does anyone have anything planned within this period? If so, I can see about failing it over to another location.

Also, I’ll be doing some extensive ARLO maintenance near the end of December / beginning of January. I suspect there won’t be much traffic during this time anyway. I’m estimating ARLO will be offline for 1 – 3 days, depending on how much is ready for me to do at the time. If anyone has dates that they are plan on using ARLO, either individually or as part of a group, please let me know and I’ll try to work around you.


QuickTag and Browser Settings – SVN 394

This release introduces two new features, QuickTag for Random Window Tagging, and Browser Settings, a new customization tool for the ARLO Web Interface.

The Browser Settings will be growing into a flexible way to adapt the interface to each user’s needs, hiding or enabling specific features.

The QuickTag feature is aimed at speeding up tagging of files; so far, it is only available for the Random Window Tagging, but after testing and feedback, will likely make it into other workflows.

To understand these features, we’ll do a walkthrough:

  1. Login to ARLO, and start a Random Window Tagging Job from the Project/Library page.
  2. To keep this small and simple, choose 3 Tags of 2 seconds.
  3. You’ll then be taken to the first window in the Random Tagging Job.
  4. In a new tab, open the Settings Page (Home -> Settings)
  5. You’ll see the new Browser Settings section, with an option “EnableQuickTag”
  6. Click on EnableQuickTag button to enable (there is no saving, the change is instant).
  7. Go back to the Random Tagging window, and refresh.
  8. You’ll notice a couple of changes:
    • The entire window is by default highlighted.
    • There is a QuickTag section on the right side of the page.
    • To use, first select the TagSet you wish to use.
    • Click on a TagClass to automatically save the new tag.
    • Choose Next Trial to continue.

ARLO Changes – SVN 391 and 392

When using the “Upload and Convert” option for MediaFiles, the Bit Size and Sample Rate are now optional parameters. If you encounter any problems, I’d recommend forcing a Bit Size ( I need to rename that) of 16 bits.

ARLO Changes – SVN 390

The main change here is with the SupervisedTagDiscovery minimumMatchQuality parameter. Rather than setting this per TagClass with the Adjust function in the Catalog, this is now set for each individual job in the SupervisedTagDiscovery form.

New Changes in ARLO:

  • Supervised Tag Discovery:
    • Remove unused parameters from SupervisedTagDiscovery.
      • pitchEnergyWeight
      • numRandomProbes
      • outOfCore
      • focusMediaFileID
    • Properly Save Job Name (previously always named ‘Supervised Tag Discovery Parent’).
    • When submitting a SupervisedTagDiscovery, instead of redirecting to the catalog, redirect to the manageJobs page.
  • Jobs
    • Fix “Hide Completed Tasks” option on manageJobs.
    • Hide ‘Complete’ Status on Parent Job in manageJobs to avoid confusion.
    • Add Priority to Jobs.
  • If LoadAudio in visualizeProjectFile wasn’t select when the page is first loaded, the AudioPlayer fails to get setup on subsequent updates via the Ajax. The errors would also cause problems loading other parts of the page.
  • Add UnsupervisedTagDiscovery to QueueRunner.
  • Performance Update for enable/disable all files.

ARLO Changes – SVN 378

Just added some basic job management (stop/start) features, and updated the layout of the manageJob and viewJob pages.Details in the following video:

ARLO Changes – SVN 376/377

Just pushed these following changes to ARLO:

  • The Logout link was moved to the top-right of the screen, to avoid accidental clicking when selecting projects.
  • The “Back” link was removed from the header (this was broken on many pages, and not really necessary).
  • Fixed Disable All / Enable All links on projectLibraryFiles page
  • The Delete link on the MediaFiles page now prompts for confirmation
  • Remove the Cassandra update ‘helper text’ from the project (the yellow ‘hint’ boxes that contained information on items that had changed).
  • When selecting “Delete Machine Tags” on the projectLibrary page, all TagClasses are now selected by default.
  • When opening the Catalog page, all Libraries, TagSets, and TagClasses are now selected by default.
  • The ManageJobs page now shows Project / Library Info and links for QueueRunner jobs.
  • SupervisedTagDiscovery – When creating ‘child’ tasks, multiple files are now assigned to each child to minimize overhead in processing (so there is no longer a one-to-one correspondence with the number of files in the library and the number of child tasks).
  • On the ManageJobs page, the newest Tasks are now at the top, rather than at the bottom.